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Tesco has submitted plans to build a new Tesco Express store in Whitecross Road, Weston and also plans to open a further Express store in Boulevard. These two new stores are in addition to the existing town centre supermarket and three Tesco Express stores in Worle, Oldmixon and Locking Castle. Tesco also own the One Stop in Locking Road. The Shop Weston campaign has been set up to oppose these plans.

In the long term, Shop Weston will become the focus for a community wide campaign to promote local shops and businesses and encourage people to support local firms.

This site is run by Mike Bell, who is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Weston-super-Mare. You can find out more about him by visiting his website.


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    Fraternal greeting and support from St Albans Stop Tesco! Hope your campaign isn’t as long as ours – but drop us a line if you’ve any questions (although as a Lib Dem you should probably get in touch with our PPC Sandy Walkington first!).

  2. 2

    Ruth said,

    Greetings from Cambridge too! We are in the middle of a campaign to stop a Tesco Express moving to Mill Road in Cambridge (there are already 7 Tesco stores in Cambridge). The council knocked back Tesco’s application in March and we are now fighting an appeal and another application by Tesco. All our plannning documents are on our website, if they are of any use to you, and email us if we can help in any way.

    It might also be worth taking a look at Sunninghill, who managed to get a Tesco Express application thrown out last week.

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    Ruth said,

    One more thing, I’ve just seen that you say the council won’t be able to turn down the application. Don’t you believe it! We were told the same thing because the site is already a shop, but did the research and found many grounds for refusing permission for the extension and a/c plant they needed. It suits pretty much everyone except local residents to say that that the application can’t be turned down – that way no-one faces the wrath of Tesco but they also get to avoid annoying local taxpayers/voters – it makes for a quieter life. I bet you a can of Tesco value beans you can find solid planning grounds for refusal (loser gets the beans).

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