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Campaign Update – already FIVE Tesco stores in Weston

“The campaign to promote local independent shops and oppose Tesco plans to expand their empire in Weston is well underway,”┬ásays Mike Bell, organiser of Shop Weston.

“I’ve been asked to point out that there are in fact FIVE Tesco stores in Weston already – the main Tesco superstore, three Tesco Express stores in Oldmixon, Worle and Locking Castle. Many people don’t realise that Tesco also own the One Stop store in Locking Road – so that’s five stores in total.

“Now they want two more in Boulevard and Whitecross Road. Surely enough is enough? I have nothing against Tesco as such, I use their main store from time to time like many local residents. But that doesn’t mean I want every store in town to be a Tesco.

Please keep supporting the campaign and thanks for all your help and information so far.”


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