Tesco is planning to open an Express store in Whitecross Road and in Boulevard in Weston. The proposed new stores are located close to existing retailers and independent traders.

Tesco don’t need planning permission to open in the Boulevard but do need consent to open in Whitecross Road. But in either case there probably isn’t much North Somerset Council can do to stop it.

Tesco seem to have delibrately chosen these sites to challenge existing businesses like the Co-op, Martin McColls, independent traders and newsagents. Weston already has a large Tesco superstore, three existing Tesco Express stores in Worle,¬†Locking Castle and Oldmixon. They also own the One Stop in Locking Road. We don’t need any more!

Tesco have been known to back down to public pressure. That is what this campaign is about. To persuade Tesco that local people don’t want or need any more stores in our town.

Please sign our petition to show that local residents don’t want Weston-super-Mare turned into a ‘Tesco Town’ with less choice on our shopping streets.


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  1. 1

    Alex Ballard said,

    I’m a Tesco customer; I use your main store in Weston, both for myself and with a minubus load of rural pensioners every fortnight. So I’m not against Tesco per se, and appreciate the convenience of your in-town store. However, I support the petition against the opening of further convenience stores in locations where other provision already exists. That smacks of empire building, and of reducing consumer choice. If this kind of thing is Tesco’s policy, I might even have to start shopping elsewhere – while I still do have the choice.

  2. 2

    Tom Milnthorpe said,

    Tesco is the most irritating, depressing and greedy shops that I have ever been into. Putting it plain and simply, we just don’t need so many! I feel far happier shopping with local businesses.

  3. 3

    Tony Hughes said,

    As Chair of Churchill and Langford Minibus Society I regularly bring elderly
    people to shop in the main Tesco store in Weston but that is ENOUGH.
    I do not want to see our town taken over by a greedy supermarket.

  4. 4

    d Hunter said,

    Tesco already has prime position in our town with an ever increasing range of non food products destroying other independent businesses. I do not wish to shop in there because it takes too long to find the food, its original purpose. More stores, especially close to small independents will lead to closure of them and the raking in of more and more profits for them. They should be stopped.

  5. 5

    Bryan Osborne said,

    Tescos are certainly over doing things in Weston-super-Mare, and with the potential damage to existing stores, especially the co-op convenience store in Whitcross Road which has been there for many years.

    Tesco are getting greedly, not content with their large superstore in the centre of Town.

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